When someone asked me when I was a kid, what time zone are you in? I have said it’s based on GMT. But when the same question is posted to me now I’m sure that, that won’t be my answer. Yes! In the course of maturity I realized everyone has our own time zone.  Say geographically,  California is behind the time compared to the New York. But it doesn’t stop California to flourish in its economy. To bring the concept with an example, lets say our heroes are A and B.  A completes his civil engineering in 4years and B does his Architecture for 1year more. Just because A is graduated earlier than B it doesn’t mean he will settle in life soon. Though B takes his own time, the way he is settled in 2years maybe equal to the 5years work of A. Every person has a sand-clock in his life, once the sand drips from one end to the other end it will be flipped sides. It can dawn only after the dusk!
So the time zone of each of us is destined and we are travelling perfectly in it. Therefore instead of comparing yours with some others time zone, live your own and make it valuable.


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