Be Bad, it’s good

No one and nothing is made pure. Sometimes you have to be a good person but with defects. Only then you will be valued. We know ‘too much of anything is good for nothing’ but are we realizing it? No. There are two cases :

1) Expecting people to be too good

2)Being too good to others.

Both the cases leads to pain. No one in this world will be an angel to you, serving you with all the palatable experiences in your plate of life. And being good to others is acceptable, you can escape from the loses. But when you try to reach its extent, even the God can’t save you from the pit you are going to fall. This cunning world will never value the way you made it feel, but only the way you did not make it feel. It’s better to be selfish giving some time for yourself and not acting as per your surrounding’s wish. When you make yourself available too much, you are sure for taken to be granted. Even in a corporate, when you are too good at your work, you may be too loyal to your senior level but when it’s decided by the management to cut down you, none of your positive behaviors will help you. There’s no point in regretting about enjoying the days with your friends after getting fired. Living in this kind of world, we have to reflect how they are. That’s why it is said, when you are in Rome, be a Roman.


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