Forgotten home

She appreciated his patience till she prepared dinner
But forgot their effort to prepare dinner before she asked

She adored his midnight birthday wishes
But forgot their unasked wishes every morning

She felt secured when he asked why she was late
But forgot their pickup whenever she’s late

She enjoyed going shopping with him
But forgot their sacrifice to get what she wants

She loved his care when he massaged her feet
But forgot their pamper when she fell ill

She felt proud when she rode bike in front of him
But forgot their happiness when she made her first step

She felt satisfied when he treated her as Queen
But forgot she already was a princess to them

Days passed,
And years passed,

She missed – the way she cared,
the way she loved,
the way she secured,
all those moments with her princess,
When she bid farewell to her daughter…

She sat back on the armchair,
Slowly rewinding the days,
She recollected all those forgotten things,
A small drop came out of her beautiful eyes!


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