Life through Elevator

With many random thoughts I stepped into the elevator. I know where I want to go, so I pressed my desired floor number. The elevator stopped at every floor. Though I didn’t have the necessity to stop at each floor, I waited. I had to wait. Many unknown faces got into the elevator and travelled with me till they reach their own stop. Some faces, though I haven’t started a conversation yet, smiled at me. I greeted them back with a little curve in my lips. Patience is a quality we can gain while taking the elevator. Even then I met few people who couldn’t wait for the door to close. They kept pushing this ->|<- button and forced the natural happening. Also, some people drove hard to get into the elevator by swirling their body when the door is about to close.

By the time I reach my desired floor, I realised that life is like the elevator. It is taking us to the floor which is our soul’s dream. On the way, it will test our persistence with hurdles. Few people force things to happen as per their wish, few adjust themselves to fit in the life provided to them to get things done.

At the end of the day, everyone is getting to a place where they are destined to be so. What actually matters is how we are taking things to our heart, how we are facing the hurdles, and finally…how we enjoy the life given to us!