Who ignores who

“If you’re being ignored, that’s a good time to concentrate on finding yourself and creating your own mystery.” -Anonymous

There maybe some time when people act as if you are nowhere around them. You may feel like you don’t have any value in your surrounding, among your folks. But I’m telling you this the best time when you can find who you really are!

This is moment is like a cat on the wall because there are two ways how a person may react to this situation.
1. Feel low – detach yourself from others – listen to sad songs – make up your mind that you are unlucky to live this world – fix your mind saying “I don’t have any talent compared to others” as mantra – supress yourself

2. Try to find a lonely place – don’t force yourself in others converssation – listen to desi songs – make up your mind that you are ignoring others and not the other way – ask yourself “Who am I in this world?” as mantra – motivate yourself

As per the survey I had from my pals, I found 80% of them respond to this situation by the 1st way. When posed them the question “WHY?”, they say, they prefer the entire situation to be low along with them. They are compromised with that feel.

No one can say that they haven’t faced such moment in their life. But it is in the way how they see it. Each and every second of your life is precious. Turn even the moment you are sad to your benefit. As a friendly advice I would say use it for finding the best out of you!


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