When you are sure that you don’t want something, try to say NO. It is a lot better to avoid that at first rather than lamenting about the already said YES. No one wants anyone to hold a mask while talking to them. Even if you feel someone is very confident about getting your help, they will surely have a part of their mind asking this question : “What if he/she say NO  to me”. So don’t think that you are blocking a way to the person seeking help, but be happy that you showed them a result already and asked them to find an alternative solution. And also it’s better to pass a situation instead of entering into a maze which your intuition had said “It’s not your type. Don’t go!”.


This happens at work place. I have seen a friend of mine who was always afraid to show her manager when she don’t know something.

Manager : {Talks some technical stuff} So you are going to take this activity. Are you okay with it?

My friend : {thought process going on in her mind that how is she going to learn that} Yes am okay.

Manager : Good. So your deadline is coming Monday. {i.e she have only 7 days to complete it}


In this case, she knows that 7 days are not enough even to complete the learning process. She could have atleast said NO when she was asked about her comfort in working in that activity. But she missed that moment. Now she can’t deny it as she got committed to that activity. Finally she couldn’t show progress as she didn’t even know where to start it. And the consequence is her growth in that team is affected.


The simple rule is : SAY NO WHEN IT SHOULD BE SAID.



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