Who ignores who

“If you’re being ignored, that’s a good time to concentrate on finding yourself and creating your own mystery.” -Anonymous

There maybe some time when people act as if you are nowhere around them. You may feel like you don’t have any value in your surrounding, among your folks. But I’m telling you this the best time when you can find who you really are!

This is moment is like a cat on the wall because there are two ways how a person may react to this situation.
1. Feel low – detach yourself from others – listen to sad songs – make up your mind that you are unlucky to live this world – fix your mind saying “I don’t have any talent compared to others” as mantra – supress yourself

2. Try to find a lonely place – don’t force yourself in others converssation – listen to desi songs – make up your mind that you are ignoring others and not the other way – ask yourself “Who am I in this world?” as mantra – motivate yourself

As per the survey I had from my pals, I found 80% of them respond to this situation by the 1st way. When posed them the question “WHY?”, they say, they prefer the entire situation to be low along with them. They are compromised with that feel.

No one can say that they haven’t faced such moment in their life. But it is in the way how they see it. Each and every second of your life is precious. Turn even the moment you are sad to your benefit. As a friendly advice I would say use it for finding the best out of you!


Be a deaf frog

It’s a well known story.It goes like this : There was a running race among a group of frogs. The finish line was at the hill top. On the day of the announcement of the race some of them were filled up with confidence that they could reach. And there was this other category with the thought that they could give a try. But in the succeeding days it was discussed among the frogs that the destination was too high for a frog to reach. This started creating a fear among the frogs who decided to participate which finally lead to the decrease in count of participants on the D-Day. “On your mark. Get set. Go” the race started with all jubilation. As the frogs go up and up, they heard only the words of discouragement in their head. “If you can’t, just quit” ; “It’s too high for you. You must leave” and so on. When it was half way through the hill, only 1 frog was approaching the zenith. Everyone was amazed on the capacity of that frog. And with all the spirit, it completed the race. During the prize distribution ceremony, that frog was asked how he could manage to reach the top when others quit. It was then came to lime light that the frog was deaf.

This applies to us also. When we are targeting something and started to move in that direction to attain it, we will also face many people on our way. Some may encourage us, some may support us. But there will be many who will demotivate us, who will say “It will be tough for you” ; “Better quit rather than hurting yourself with the pain of losing” and so on.

If we listen to their words and get out of our race, we have to be loser everytime. At the same time, if we tell to ourself “Yes it is tough for me. But it’s not impossible for me” ; “If I fail I won’t be hurted, I will be gaining a lesson from it” then we can surely cross the finish line.

You are the only one who know your capability. Never let anyone else to judge you. When everyone else is awake and you feel you want to sleep, just sleep. Gain your power for the moments you are going to run when the whole world is taking rest. And make sure that you don’t stop running until you cross that red ribbon!


Such a brief word
With a long duration
When you see it as tough
Say it’s rough
It becomes complicated.
When you wonder each moment
Say it thrills you every second
It will surprise you!
So is life.

Feel like a feather
Float in the air
May the almighty take you where you belong
Just sway to the rhythm of destiny
No pressure would you see!
Between the blues, the sky and the sea
Give a little push
Embrace the clouds
There’s nothing beyond you!
Release yourself
Touch the water
There’s nothing you can’t do!
Souls around you,
smile at the faces you see,
Wonderful personality you are!
So is life.


When you are sure that you don’t want something, try to say NO. It is a lot better to avoid that at first rather than lamenting about the already said YES. No one wants anyone to hold a mask while talking to them. Even if you feel someone is very confident about getting your help, they will surely have a part of their mind asking this question : “What if he/she say NO¬† to me”. So don’t think that you are blocking a way to the person seeking help, but be happy that you showed them a result already and asked them to find an alternative solution. And also it’s better to pass a situation instead of entering into a maze which your intuition had said “It’s not your type. Don’t go!”.


This happens at work place. I have seen a friend of mine who was always afraid to show her manager when she don’t know something.

Manager : {Talks some technical stuff} So you are going to take this activity. Are you okay with it?

My friend : {thought process going on in her mind that how is she going to learn that} Yes am okay.

Manager : Good. So your deadline is coming Monday. {i.e she have only 7 days to complete it}


In this case, she knows that 7 days are not enough even to complete the learning process. She could have atleast said NO when she was asked about her comfort in working in that activity. But she missed that moment. Now she can’t deny it as she got committed to that activity. Finally she couldn’t show progress as she didn’t even know where to start it. And the consequence is her growth in that team is affected.


The simple rule is : SAY NO WHEN IT SHOULD BE SAID.