‘THE’ Winner

Yes you won! You are the winner. Congratulation! But remember this, the moment your victory bell rang there is someone who woke up and compete you. Anything given is not long-lasting. Obviously this may not be applicable for relationships but for materials and feelings. Take everything as easy as a novel you read. How will you react if your favourite character in the novel you read dies or betrays? Won’t you move on with the rest of the story? Or what will you do when your hero wins the day? You will rejoice it, talk about the esscence the whole day. But what about the next day? you will pick another book and get into that story. That should be your attitude with your success also. You should not stick on to that single victory and forget to watch out your next challenge. Never ever give yourself an excuse if you win in the immediate hurdle of life after success.

This is a simple explanation for : “Don’t take your success to your head”



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