No harm when it stays silent but even when it whispers, that’s it.

With all those angelic faces we live on Earth but is that the true faces of everyone???

Every time when two people say,”No secrets.”/ “Yes. No secrets hereafter” the secret peeps out of the heart and give a wicked smile. Whoever it can be, no one is deprived of it irrespective they like it or not.

How close you feel a person maybe you can’t force yourself form hiding something from them neither do they. It’s better to have an open-minded thought that like a coin everyone has two sides. If the whole world can wear mask and walk then you can find the real face of them.

I like the thought said in the title song of an English serial “Two can keep a secret when one of them is dead”. I feel it’s true because that’s the nature of secret. It can’t stay in a place. It’s not a bird which can stay inside the cage. It’s like the fragrance of a flower, though the metaphor is in a positive way that’s it’s character. It spreads in a moment.

So it’s better to have an open heart rather than letting our heart and mind to hit hard with that ‘not-so-told-story’!


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