Dear Ami,

It’s hard.

You know they are acting foolish, what they are doing is against your wish. You are trying to explain them, throw light on your points of defense still they act like a deaf frog. Few things are changeable whereas the others are like the facts scripted in the gold olden temples, we can’t modify it. But if you want to, it will take a hell lot of time to make the change.

There would be few things which can be said that they are not beyond our hands and those things we can take control of as per our wish. For the others which are beyond our hands, we need to accept them. Whatever happens to us are destined and our destiny is made out of what we did. 

Few things are meant for us. We will get them for sure. No hard work needed for it.

Few are not meant for us. However you try for them, you won’t get it. A pain pierces our heart at that moment. To get relieved from it, get used to accept things as they are.

Acceptance doesn’t mean that you sacrifice and others are happy. It is sometimes for your happiness, for your life to be happy. Things which seems unclear today will surely be 4K pixels view in front of your eyes soon. It just takes some time. Trust this!


Your Ami.


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