“It is easier to forgive an enemy than to forgive a friend.” –William Blake

  • If someone has a no-limit knowledge, they won’t feel bad about it.
  • If someone has so much of money, they won’t regret for it.
  • If someone has full-filled happiness, they won’t devour it.

But if someone has a 100% trust, then it’s a sure fact that they will regret it someday!

In my opinion, the sufferer has an equal part in their betrayal. Yes of course, because it’s their fault to trust the stabber blindly. Whoever it maybe there’s a limit to believe them or follow their path. I may not have said this during the past era when they were valueing the promises. But this is not in today’s scenario.
When you face such a situation, the best way to stay happy (not completely, maybe not hurted much) is to forgive them. I may sound like a devotee of Buddha,but that’s the truth my friend.

Try following this when you face such a situation. You need not talk to them. You can avoid them completely. Never think about the worst part they did to you, but the good moments, the moments you enjoyed with them, the moments when they made you think you are the best. Believe me, your pain and wrath will lessen for sure. I know that some things can’t be forgiven. Still try to stay calm.

Just think, ‘Betrayal’ is an evil word and they did it to you and they are living their moment even now. ‘Trust’ is a divine word, you did it, so why did you regret. It is them who need to sit in a corner and think about it and not you. So move on. You have many other good moments and good people to talk to.

‘Forgive & Forget’ though not for other’s cause, for maintaining your Blood Pressure 😉


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