Yes this is me.
I’ll get what I need.
If you say I’m headstrong, I don’t mind. Maybe that’s the version of you describing me. Even that’s an adjective!
There maybe people who say, “She’s rude. She doesn’t even think about how others feel when she stay rigid on her decision.”.
Yes I have heard these words. But you know what, those comments  disappear the moment when I achieve something through staying hard in my decision.

My belief is that even if our will doesn’t go in the right path, if we stay fixed in what we act and what we want, things will fall in place.

Words from your surrounding may reach you like the venom polished arrows. But make sure you cover yourself with sound proof wrapper till you reach your goal. The goal maybe any, but this serves true.

I’m not saying that we should ignore the advice of our well-wishers  in this process. Accepting suggestions is important, but applying it in your life matters. Our permutation skill comes in handy these moments!

Being stubborn always makes us feel responsible for ourselves. So no worry in being like that, since it’s your world and your life!


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