Some say that I’m taking advantage of him/her. Some say that I’m confining his/her relationships. Some say that I’m being mommy to him/her.

But I say, I feel him/her as precious. Those anger or confusion, as an out-break of seeing him/her talking closely with others are not actually showing the evil part of me. But it is showing the insane me who doesn’t know how to show my overflowing love to them. If the other side understands me and act in a matured way, the bond grows strong. In the other case unfortunately it ends a beautiful relationship.


Possessiveness is a thing to feel happy about. If someone considers you to that level where they can leave others for you (hopefully it’s not because of “The Love”) you need to feel privileged and not cross. Only few can get that chance of becoming someone’s significant part of life.



I have this friend of mine, lets say, ‘A’ who met ‘B’ for the first time and instantly started feeling ‘You are my Bestie. ‘B’ who was a bit (truth is a whole lot) close with another person ‘C’. At first ‘A’ started telling ‘B’ that she doesn’t like ‘B’ spending time with ‘C’. But unfortunately this regular insisting went against her where at one moment ‘B’ said “Stay out of my life. I don’t want someone to rule me and tell me what to do”. OOPS! does anyone want such an ending to such a pretty relationship?



I have this another friend ‘D’ who faced the same situation with ‘E’. Whereas here, the moment ‘D’ started feeling possessive, she gave a pause to their friendship. She reduced talking to ‘E’ and just posing smile whenever she faced ‘E’. This made ‘E’ to realize that he missed her a lot. Later even when ‘E’ was with ‘F’ (the one who is the reason for ‘D’ to become possessive on ‘E’), he started missing her. And finally, ‘F’ recognised whose friendship he valued the most. Now all are happy ‘D-E-F’ [Still E doesn’t talk to F 😉 ].


We must find a way to handle things if we love something that much.

            Sometimes we need to be stubborn.

            Sometimes we need to let go of something to get it back.

            And sometimes we need to understand.

 If we do these, then possessiveness is the cutest feeling of all!


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