It was me,

With my frock floating in air,

Sliding through the woods,

I’ve fallen somewhere in the midst…


Where am I now?

It pestered my mind

But this vision before me


The fruits hanging with freedom

Confident that no one will fetch

Why can’t a girl get the feel?

My mind started thinking


The birds spreading their wings wide

Choosing their path of life

Why should a girl abstain her dream?


The leaves giving hiberbal feel

With its varying vibrant colours

Why can’t a girl show nuance?


Homaging fishes swirling in water

Showing the sense of gratitude

Why should a girl languish for family?


I resented sometime

Then my heart outwitted my mind

It was the crystal clear stream

The unpolluted breeze

The noiseless chirping of birds

The vibrant selfless fish


The new vision enlightened me

No use of lamenting and mourning

A human’s adversary is another human

We noosed the society’s thoughts


Gather yourself,

Step down,

Water the parched souls,

A girl should be and need to be accoladed

Afterall she has her morale…


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