And miles to go before I sleep

If you have made up your mind, if you need it badly, then why do you wait ? just go and grab your bite. But, for taking that step there is a lot of things to put to your mind at first.

The most important among them is “What if I don’t succeed in my try?”. This question should never ever pop into your mind. Because if it does then your dream will become a creepy nightmare. It will drive away the force in you to reach out to your goal. Whenever you feel exhausted, feel that you can no more run for your red ribbon, reckon the life beyond that shiny, welcoming red ribbon.All your energies will be boosted up to a level that you had thought is unreachable.

Another lazy excuse losers give is “Why do they hinder my efforts? Then how could I step ahead?”. If you are a climber and you don’t find a proper support to cling on, don’t worry. Make your confidence and passion your strength and build your own support. If people around you knock your dreams down, stand up. It’s yours, you need not make way for others to trespass into your field. And this is what I learnt today.

“And miles to go before I sleep,

 And miles to go before I sleep”


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