Love needs commitment, else it’s better to let it die inside. Your parents can feel or regret for you for the reason of giving birth to you. Why is that the other soul have to cry for you? You don’t even have blood relation with them. Feeling bad about Madhi and Kalai she was arranging flowers in the vase that beautifies the entrance of U-Smile.

Then came a good morning wishes from a glad young charm of 60 years old who is a regular visitor of the angel (not U-smile 😉 ).”Hi dude! wassup!long see..where have you been?”

Even more enthusiastic voice replied,”Yah babe am good. How are you? I was at my daughter’s house that’s why..”
“Oh cool..Had a great time?”
“Yah..quite good..”
In the midst of their conversation the doorbell clinked. There entered two girls as slow and silent as a snail. It was well seen that it has been a long time that smile has forgot to visit their faces. The angel went there excusing the young champ to get the order from the girls.
“Anything can be handled with a smile” is the saying that the angel have in her heart always.So she reached their table with a cheerful smile “Hi friends! May I take your order please..”
They both looked at each other and one of the girl gave the order as “2 Cold coffee”
“Anything more? Cookies?”
The ordered girl looked the other girl. But she gave a negative nod. “No thanks.”
“Okay! will be here in 5 mins” saying so the angel left the place.
After delivering the order, the angel was focused on the friends.”
“Jeni, say now…” said the girl who gave the order. She touched the other girl’s hand. The next moment Jeni started crying. Even before the friend speak for consoling her, the angel went there for consoling her.”Excuse me..thank you..but anyway I’ll manage” said the crying little girl.
“No problem darling! Whatever the problem is, it will be solved. Don’t worry. Everything has a reason.”.When she said this, a flash of Kalai and Madhi came in her mind.
Whoever it can be, a caring hug and comforting words are the best medicine for a hurted heart though it’s temporary. And that’s what she needed now. And that’s what the angel gave her.
“Speak it openly. Whatever it is, only by speaking you can find a solution for it.”
Finally she started narrating her problem to the angel.
“My name’s Jeni. I’m working in a corporate. It’s been a year I’m working there. I have come across many men who has proposed me by all means. But I have never felt this way with anyone. He is different.”
“Baby..that’s what love would not have got the same feel with you like him..”
“Yah I like him..I don’t know how to put it in sense. I like him a lot and that’s why I want to stay away from him.”
“Sorry I don’t understand”
“Mmmm…neither I. I have been brought up with a thought that only parents think good for us. Not even we do it for ourselves. So
I have not even given a thought about love”
That’s an obsolete idea of a girl, the angel thought. “Okay so what’s the problem now?”
“The thing is, I don’t know how I’ll handle these emotions.”
“It’s quite easy. Try to convince your parents.”
“No I won’t. I don’t want to hurt them.”
“cummon..there’s nothing wrong in letting them know about my love”
“Okay so how long you guys are loving?”
“He is loving me since december (two months) and he proposed me last before week.I…”
“Arey…wait wait you both are not committed? Just two weeks before he has proposed you!!!”
“Yah but I feel that he is genuine in his love. From the way proposed, from the way he talked, from the way he cared..”
“Yes while talking to him I coughed once or twice, so he brought me medicines and health supplements. He also introduced me to his entire family.See in this current which guy will introduce his girl untill and unless he is sure about it? Everything makes me feel that he truly loves me.”
“So on the other side? and did you say to him that you too have feelings for him??”
“No will I? I don’t want to cheat him saying I love him and marry someone whom my parents are showing”
“Logically you are good Jeni. But these are related to heart. You have to take decision with your heart..with your soul…”
“It would be nice to advice but not in practical” she again started her tears to see the world.
“This is what she is saying whenever I advice” added the other girl.
“Okay Jeni. Cool down. Let us think and find a solution..mmm…how about asking his parents to talk to your parents?”
“No my parents won’t accept him.”
“Because he is not our religion”
“Ohhh ohhh here comes the real Indian mind. Anyway try to tell them about your likings for him.Worth giving a try”
She remained silent. The angel can understand her situation. She couldn’t let her heart for her parents and also not her parents for her heart.
“Darling.. I just tell you this. Its better to take chances rather than regretting later. Imagine if your parents come to know about your love in future and they say,”You could have told us about it ma…” how will you feel??? Won’t it be worst situation in your life?? That’s why am saying. Please never hesitate to take chances. Try it. If yes, you will get the happiest life. If not, atleast you will get a satisfaction that your parents know completely about you.”
After 2 minutes silence, she gave a smile. A brief smile. “Okay daring. I’m kind of okay now. I decided. I’ll surely talk with my parents. Whatever life gives me I’ll take it with full heart.”
They both got up and paid for the coffee and left the place.
The angel closed her eyes….She could forsee the situation in her family. She could understand 2 things clearly from what she
1. He will wait for her whatever happens and how long it may take.
2. Her parents won’t accept she being married to her love.

But from her side, she told God,”Please. Do something to make her smile every moment.”

Writing so, she closed her diary…


It was the first day. It was the same old window, it was the same pigeons outside her door, it was the same tall trees, and it was the same aunty who wake her daily with her “so-called prayers”. But those didn’t seem the same to her today. Maybe the reason why she woke made these changes. She’s going to meet him soon. In 10 minutes he will be here and they are going to enjoy the nature together. She composed herself when the doorbell rang and opened the door. “Hey my angel! Ready?” and she nodded with many expectations playing running-and-catching in her heart.

It was almost one hour walking session. Since it was the start, ‘Her Doc’ suggested for walking rather than jogging. But she was alarmed about jogging as she was not sure whether she can do that. The only hope with her was he would be with her to take care.

It was as refreshing as the other days where she do her regular chores with no other thoughts.
Though she felt her life was taking a new shape that she welcomed, she felt something was missing from her. Yeah! It was dreaming part. Why don’t she encounter it when he is with her? That’s the fact. Everytime his arrival brings her to sense. Wait a minute, is it the truth or she’s just blabbering idiotically. In the mid of her detective thinking, the doorbell chime was heard. It was a Kalai and a guy. Kalai, she was a regular visitor to U-Smile. But till then she has never come with anyone. This is the first time.

Angel could read from her face that there’s was some problem going on with them. She felt so because she used to splash a smile at the angel when she enter. But not today.

Angel went to take order from them. But they didn’t respond and they asked for some time. She left the place but she couldn’t take her eyes of them. She wanted to be in the girl’s character. But she couldn’t guess what would have happened. She needed some time to see the girl’s mind and heart. So she listened to them.
“I’m sorry Madhi. It was my mistake. It was my mistake to compel you right?”
He just saw her but no words.
“I was the one who reached you, who shifted from Pune to Chennai to be with you, who wished to join your family soon. And thanks to you for making the event a grand one yesterday.”
“Kalai please understand me. I’m really not ready for this. I can’t get into commitment.. like into a relationship before I’m prepared.”

She was silent…observing him…

If I were Kalai, it would be…it should be…

“Hello sir. I’m Krishna Kumar, Kalai’s brother. As we know, my sister and your son are loving each other. At the start even I was angry about her for loving. But later when she said about your son I too don’t think I can get a perfect match for as your son. So what is your opinion sir?”

“Excuse me sir. What are you talking about? Madhi didn’t say anything like that to me. Just a minute I’ll ask him.” Saying so he called Madhi. He came there with a complete puzzled look and was shocked to see us there. ”You know this girl? This is her brother, they are saying that you are loving her. Is that so?”

He was dumb as if he forgot that he could speak. His father continued, “Sir we too have a plan of searching bride for my son. What about your family sir so that I can give it a thought” and my brother was saying about our family. His father could easily recollect about our family as we were from same place (native place).

It was a sweet surprise that there was no hurdle to face for getting my love. But it was till he opened his mouth…

“Appa (dad)… But I’m not ready to get married.“

I was taken back. I couldn’t understand why he replied like that.

“Madhi… What are you saying? See don’t worry. There’s no problem with me for your marriage.”

“It’s not about you dad. It’s about me. I can’t marry now. I’m not sure about my marriage like when it will happen” saying so he went to his room. I couldn’t phrase what has happened just now. We came out of their house even though his father was consoling me.

Only his words were reverberating in my ears.


“Please understand Kalai. I need time. I know, you would feel that even after becoming Team leader what’s to get settled. But please… I don’t know how to make to agree with me.”

She kept the same silence in her face. But now she wore a small smile.

Packing her things, she threw a look at the angel. “Hi! Have a great day” she waved a bye. I smiled at her back as an acknowledgement.

“Kalai. Wait. You didn’t say anything.”

With tears in her eyes and smile in her lips she said,” You didn’t know 1 thing about me Madhi. I know you won’t marry me. I know you don’t love me truly. Infact I know the moment I leave this place you will get 10000 rupees. I know all these two months before. But the reason why I was with you is ‘I love you’… I needed those moments to cherish. And that’s it. Congrats for winning your bet.

It was hard even for me to listen to her words. But the other shade of his character was unknown to the angel also. It was not so long.

He dialed someone’s number in a hurry. “Hello, Machi (dude) come to U-smile immediately.”
After few minutes there was this guy came to U-smile, sitting with Madhi.

The new guy asked “What man Kalai left you? Congrats man. You won your bet. Here it is.”

“So it’s you. Bloody it’s you who told her. What did you say?”

“Everything Madhi. From the start. About the bet you made with your friends to make her your lover, about the drama you made for make her fall for you… everything…”

“Why did you do this?”

“Because she loved you Madhi. She was sincere. Earlier I thought she’s being with you for time pass, but from the incidents you said about her. I felt saying this is good for her life. Even when I told her this, she didn’t believe me. Later when I showed the video about your bet she believed. You know why she still loved you, she felt that atleast from the way she loved you, and you would love her. You know why she came to your home with her brother even after knowing all these? she wanted to see the end of all these. Even that moment she had a small hope that you confess that you love her. But it didn’t’ happen.”

The other guy stood up and said, “Really Madhi… you missed a very good girl. You were her life. She don’t deserve you. You enjoy with your money!” Madhi didn’t move from that place for more than two hours. Only his tear drop rolling on his cheeks were the movement.

The angel lost words to console him. She didn’t even think about her angel that day. Only Madhi and Kalai were revolving in her mind.

She couldn’t come to a conclusion from their story.

“Everything happens for some reason”. Writing so she closed her diary…