SIP – 10

Playlist got updated along with songs of the upcoming films. And the satisfied customer count kept on increasing proportional to the development of the cafe’s infrastructure. The angel got a plan of introducing a library- a cafe library for spreading the interest among the people in reading books. She had a plan of having only story books, nothing like any biographies or encyclopedias or year book. It was a day of sun, he smiled so elegantly on the world beneath it. If it was a few days back she would have gone mad on his late arrival. But now, she knows whatever the time maybe he will show his presence anyhow. She anticipated that their relationship is absolutely beyond friendship. Still she couldn’t get the guts to ask for his mobile number. Meanwhile when she was gradually increasing the strength to ask for it, he arrived. 

With a wide spreading smile and a wave of his hand he approached her. Behind them followed a couple, the guy opening the door and leaving space for the girl to enter. In a few moments she found that they are not alone, a gang of people were following them, the family members of both of them (probably). She quickly called her angel and said,”Hey yaar! come here. quickly. You see there a couple. So they are going to be my story today”. With an amusement he asked “What made you choose them?”. Giggles popping out of her she said,”No factor is needed. It’s just a flick of thought.” continuing her pause he asked her”Fine. so what’s their story now?”. She could find the same sense of excitement in him also.
“Okay my partner. Let me know who they are”.

Within a couple of moments she noticed that it is going be an arranged marriage between the girl and the guy.
“Fine yaar. So with her looks it’s visible that she is an example of the phrase ‘bold and beautiful’ and from his behavior, he is much impressed by her. And their names…..” as she was saying this, the girl’s mother called the girl by the name Mithra and in turn the mother of the guy called him as Raghav. “See, this is how the world helps me to go on with my imaginative skill.” said the cafe girl proudly.
“Ok lemme carry on with the past…here you go my partner…”
If I were Mithra…it would be…it should be…
“So here I am not because I blindly follow my parent’s words, but that I respect them.”
“Yah even I respect my parents Ms.Mithra” he said with a smile not too wide and not too short.
I noticed all the actions of him towards me. Listing them out here:
1. He was the one who came earlier.
2. He didn’t call many times and rushed me.
3. He opened the door when I was about to enter the cafe.
4. Above all he liked me.
“Well..there are 5 questions I would like to post to you.”
“That’s not a problem Mithra, you can even ask more.”
“Not at all needed Mr.Ragav. That would suffice.”
Again with a smile he welcomed the questions from me.
(Question 1)
Would you mind if I go for work when I’m carrying and after giving birth to baby?
(Answer 1)
That would matter to me. Because, your health and the baby’s health is very important. Maybe at least for a year you can be at home. After that you can continue as our lifestyle needs it.
Practical answer instead of turning the tables to my side(as of now).
(Question 2)
What will you do when you happened to see a gang of idiots harassing a girl in the road?
After a sigh he answered.
It depends. It depends on the way how I am. If I have my friends around, I will fight with them and relieve her. If not I can’t help her.
“What behavior is that Mister?. Fine. Will you do the same if I’m that girl?”
He didn’t utter a word. He couldn’t answer anything. I said, “Okay. Let me pose the next question”.
Coward. I have to give a thought.
(Question 3)
Do you have any love affairs in the past?
To be frank, I had one. But it was not on double side. I loved her. And there’s nothing deep about it. And one more thing. Even you might had one. But it doesn’t matter to me, once you are over it. Only your present and future is more important to me in this case”.
(Question 4)
Which one do you prefer HP movie or Novel?
Who wastes time in books? It’s obvious..Movie.
 “Oh! But you won’t get the entire feel of that in movie than in books right”
“No time na.”
He giggled. But I didn’t.
A person who spends time for books is the one who finds time for relationships. This is my opinion.
(Question 5)
What’s your goal in life?
It evolves. I don’t plan anything.
“Oh! Okay. That’s it”
 “But may I know your answer please. I would like to know it before you say it your parents”
“Yeah sure. See there should be atleast minimum things that we should have in common. Only then the life will be good. But it’s not so here. So am sorry. I don’t think so we will make a good pair.”
“Mithra. Why do you feel so? Do we have that much difference of opinions?”
“Yah. You won’t even rise your voice for me if am in trouble. Security is something a girl expects from a guy. And when you don’t even find time for reading 2 pages a day, when will you spare your time for the family? And see you don’t have stable plans about your life. No plans, no stability”.
I stood up to leave. But he didn’t.
“1 minute Mithra. I have something else to say. I got two goals to do in my life from now on. Can you listen to it?”
“But you have already answered it”
“I said it evolves”
With no interest I listened.
“1. I’m gonna join Gym so that I can protect my wife when some idiots harass her.
 2. I’m going to spend atleast half an hour to flip pages of books.”
I stood there speechless. No one can say “I love you” more implicitly than this way, I felt.
A silent smile peeped from my lips as a sign of “Yes”.
“Miss…you are amazing. How come you are doing this? I’m impressed.”
“Thank you yaar!..its an inborn talent.”
I went on to get order from the gang. I saw him noticing me and kept the smile left with him.
Once I returned, he had left a note in the tissue saying, “This is not the first time you are impressing me!..Bye angel”.

Writing so she closed her diary……