SIP – 9(B)

“Hello madam! Am so sorry. Hello are you here?” said a voice that brought me back to my senses.
It was him. Without a moment of delay she jumped over him in anger. “Why did you come now?. You could have stayed at home na. See I have changed my clothes too.”
He admired the way she talked and complained like a kid. “Sorry Angel. I know it’s my fault. I’m sorry.”
“No. You belittle me. That’s why you didn’t turn up.”
He held her face in his palm “If I don’t value you, why should I come here even after the sun is shining brightly? I could have met you tomorrow right?”
That’s it. She fell for him again. Some magic happened.
“So what was it you didn’t even see me entering inside? You were busy on something else? Your own fantasy world?”
“Yes…come here..first let’s have a place to talk..”
“I will tell you a secret about me. You should not tell anyone.Promise?”
“Yeah! Promise. So the chamber of secrets is gonna open again. Let me see..”
“Ha Ha!! you go. I have a power of creating my own mind palace and live in it…”
She started narrating him each and every story she penned on her diary till that day’s story.
“So what happened when you proposed Sid. I mean, when nithi proposed?”
“No problem you can say it as me. mmm…Let me think. Just listen.”
She closed her eyes and continued the story.
After I proposed him he said “Nithi. I need time. I can’t tell you anything now. I have responsibilities. after she left, I haven’t thought anyone like that. Even with you, I couldn’t describe the feel.It’s not that I can’t see you in that way, but it is that I haven’t seen you in that way. Sorry!”
I thought that would be the moment I could finally talk with Sid. But he said “Till I give you any answer, will stay as my friend?”
“I will”
She opened her eyes. He understood that the current situation is the continuation for that story.
“Then what. They both were friends. And now he himself fell in love with her and thus proposed.”
“Awesome! such a creativity you have. Hats-off angel!. Can I ask you something?”
“Can I join you in your world of day dreaming? Can I be a character in your story?”
In a moment she replied positively.
The coffee was served to both and the sip was made.
Writing so she closed her diary….

Unknowingly she almost let some other person to enter between her and her one and only friend, the diary. There it started. Everything that is going to change her life. 


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