SIP -8

With love comes happiness and brightness in life and face of women proves true again with the cafe girl’s case. She thought of changing her personal diary’s name from “Dear Diary” to “Tiara”. As she could somehow sense that there after it won’t be her regular life with all fantasy and cooked up stories in her everyday. Finding it a perfect name, she combed her hair and brought all the golden streaks to a pony. From all other days, she found herself standing in front of that piece of truth teller for a long time twisting and turning to check herself for perfection in her makeover. Once all the checkboxes are done, she peeped out to make sure that he was not there. With a sigh she rolled over the window screens. It was her daily work to roll up the screens, but then she admired it the way the non-living material moving up with the strings dropping down. Unreasonable joy filled her heart. She wanted to greet everyone she found on the road. She wanted to push herself into the sky by thrushing the ground. She chose her favourite playlist without minding the people’s choice. And the player, obeying her commands started playing the song with ‘Un vizhigalil vizhundha naal mudhal…’
Hoping and jumping I reached the door to see the prince’s entry, we both dashed with each other with an “Ouch!”.
“Sorry…Sorry…Was that hard? Sorry angel..”
Rubbing my head slightly as if it was not painfull I said “Nah nah… okay”
“May I know why is that we always meet with a fall or hit?.. Madam did you make any jinx?”
But in my perspective it was not me who made jinx,it was him who made it on me. With a fairy smile, I mentioned him about his reason for the visit there.
“Oh yeah. Am ready. Are you?”. After scanning me from tip to toe he grabbed my hand saying “You seem ready to enter the fitness world. Good! Chalo..” I had to take that much effort to disclose the skip of my heart beat when his hand touched mine.
“Since it’s the first day, we can have a 20 minutes jog and 10 minutes walk. Gradually we can increase the speed and time. Is that okay for you miss?”
I gave my usual nod as yes. In the 20 minutes there was no sharing of words between us. Their jog and behaviour was like the soldiers in the training session. It was not because he maintained silence. It was me. I couldn’t give a chance for my mind to think about either who came along with me or what I was doing then. It was the nature which made my twin sister parts (heart and mind) to get locked to it. I wondered why have I missed these beauties of God and got myself caged in the cafe. Breaking the amusement, he said “Let’s do one thing. From tomorrow bring me an I-Pod or shuffle. Because it’s hard for me to keep my mouth shut.I usually bring it and keep humming when I come alone. Thinking that today I got someone to accompany me and it would not be a good approach to bring one and disrespect the other. So don’t forget. Okay.” This came out with a grin.
OMG! I forgot this angel beside me. “OOPS..Sorry yaar.  I dived into the biological ocean, watching the dance of trees and flowers. So am here. Lets talk.” saying so I waited for his reply. But there was none.
There was no conversation until the 20 minutes got over. At that 21st minute, “lets walk for 10 minutes check the time”.It was 7-21-01 and we would stop our fitness session by 7-30-00. By the time when we were walking I could see that I have never been to that pathway ever before. With some trust I followed him. Actually it was a shortcut to my cafe and I realised it only by 7-29-40. Exactly by 7-30-00 we reached our cafe.
After the ‘Breathe-in ; Breathe-out’ finally he spoke “Shall we talk for few minutes. If you like?”
“Come on yaar. We can. But where?”
“Here in your cafe. Won’t you let me in?”
We sat on the same table where we first had our conversation. From that table the entire scenario can be observed. But no one can note what is happening here.
“So Alice, what is that you enjoying the nature as if an alien entering into Earth for the first time?”
I liked him calling me like that. “Why do you call me like that. That’s not my name.”
“Yeah I know. But let it be. You can recognize that I’m talking to you na. Then it’s fine. Is that a problem for you?”
“So even I can do the same right?”. He shrugged as a positive reply. “Lemme go and order for 2 lemon teas. Just a minute.” But  I took the track first and said “This is my turn. I’ll order.”
After few minutes we were sitting there with the cups in our hand. “So what’s your interest?”
“Sorry. Interest? a what?”
“Arrghh..Why do you make it more formal? a big no to sorry, please and thanks..If you want to say any of these,say “I love you”.”
I was stunned with what he said now. “What?!!”
“Arey…chill. Just to make you not say any of these I told like that. Don’t panic.”
We both chuckled. “mmm… I love to spend time with books, music and to live in my own fantasy world.”
“Wow..that’s cool. so I have a writer with me uh…”
“When did I say I write. I just dream”
“That’s what all the writers do before getting their stuff into papers. You are just 1 step behind that role. All the best for your Best sellers try!”
“Ha ha.. thank you anyway. So that’s it. What do you do? Who is that sitting behind the white coat and steth?”
“Me? I just.. I just go around places and I cook”. I laughed. It was actually humiliating as he didn’t encourage it. “What? what’s wrong in it?”
I could feel that the next moment can become worse if I talk anything stupidly. So I was cautious in my words. “Nothing what’s the specialty in your cooking? Which style do you prefer?”
A silent smile was  there as soon as he heard the word ‘hatter’. “Hmmm… my special type is Chinese and continental. Are you a good eater?”.
“I just love eating. Anytype it can be. My plate will be clean. Try me with your dishes.”
“Sure Elsa. Very soon. Get ready for it!”
Our cups were empty. Still both of us were not in a mood to let others to sit in that place. I can tell from the song playing that it would be 46th song from my playlist.
“Indru netru naalai [Today Yesterday Tomorrow]
Endrum nee en dhevadhai [You are my angel forever]
kadhal seiyum maayai [It is love’s magic]
En vaanam engum poomazhai…” [That my sky showers me with flower]
Yes it is true… Love can do magic that our eyes neither ignore nor throw hatred. Maybe this is love at first sight. But I’m not a type of girl who believes in this category of love. Then I redirected all my upcoming questions to time saying, “Leave everything to time. It will find you an answer”.
Writing so she closed her diary…

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