Sip – 7

Still not taken back from last day’s dream, the cafe girl started her daily routine as usual that morning. She didn’t know that she is going to cherish the dream, her love dream in few minutes. That was not a bang, it was a gentle entry and she didn’t notice it. “Excuse me Angel.” She turned towards the direction of the voice and was stunned. It was her angel. Spontaneously, like the melting of a dew drop on the arrival of sun, she fainted on just look at him. He held her like an involuntary action. Though she was in a semi-conscious state she could feel his touch. As if a rose petal is given to a flower lover, he held her with some caution. She admired it.
Not like the last incident, she came to her sense earlier and read through the happening quickly.
“Hi angel! what was that? Is it a yoga exercise that you forget everyday and I’m a reminder for it. ha ha ha” Even his laughter got that manliness.
“Ha ha.. no nothing like that. Am sorry that am doing this everytime before you.” I felt like a child who would look here and there when it fell down on the ground.
“Excuse me. Sorry to me? Hello madam come on. There’s nothing to do with me. Take care of your health. You are too weak. Being a doctor I would suggest you..”
“What, you are a doctor? “
“What??? “
“ahem.. nah nah. But you don’t seem like one.”
“Madam, So if I wear a specs, white coat and a steth will you believe me?”
“Oops. Sorry I didn’t mean in that way.”
“Then what. Why is that people always say this kind of thing ‘Oh! you don’t seem like a muslim’ ; ‘Oh! you don’t seem like an uneducated man’…crap…”
But I threw my laughter for his imitation like a girl. While I was laughing…
“By the way, I will say this ‘You too don’t look like a cafe girl. You are like someone who has born for some other reason.'”
Saying so he paused for a moment and looked into my eyes.  Straight look. As if he was saying through his eyes, and as if I understood it, I nodded my head like a cute puppy. In the next second, “Reason? what reason do you think?” the question was posed to him.
He stumbled in his words. Gathering something from his vocabulary, “I don’t know. Actually I can’t say it with just 2 sips of coffee. I need time. Will you permit me Ms.Heavenly angel?”
OMG! I’m flattered. He wants to spend time with me. And he moved the coins slowly, fascinating me, getting my acceptance.
“Yah permitted. By the way, what is that advice on my diet Doc?”
“Yah.. coming to the point. I can’t suggest you that here, in this place, in a cafe. I respect my profession.”
“So do you want me to visit your hospital as a patient Doc?”
“Not necessary. You need to walk for atleast…hmmm…maybe a kilometre daily.”
“Okay. What does that mean?”
“And I will accompany you. Shall we start it today?”
Saying so, we both got up and I asked for a minute for getting into my track suit. After that the road, in which I used to walk fantasying my own world, alone, was gone forever. This journey, I know, would change my life completely.
Writing so she closed her dairy…
But the question is in which way???

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