SIP – 6

The lyrics of JB’s song was in sync with my lips. It was neither a chill nor a sweaty morning. It’s warm day with the rejoice of something in her heart. She sensed an indescribable joy and some kind of ESP within her saying that someone who is heavenly going to meet her. With the flash of the thought he entered the cafe. A gray tracks matching the pale green T-shirt and a clumsy wet hair which will be the best looking when dried and combed. Just with a look it was seen that he jogged a minute ago. He took the third table which was not under my section and drowned into the ‘NewsDay’. The girl who is in-charge of that table got the order from him which is Espressino. A glance at me, she felt like she lived an era with him. The time was like the time to flip a coin, but she could see the days she spent with him, the words she shared with him and in simple the love he gifted her.

“Excuse me mam. How much is it?”It almost took few seconds to get back her to this world. “Mam..” he knocked the deck.
“oh!Sorry sir. It’s 80 bucks”. He threw looks as if he could read the thoughts of her,those things that started creeping inside her.
Closing the door the final peek at her, nothing was visible to her.Everything was blank…dark…peaceful…


If it was me..sorry he is mine…it would be…it will be…


“Can you hear us??? hey…wake up…” my dear co-workers woke me up from my gudiness. I was not happy for waking up. I was angry at them for making me wake up from the most beautiful dream in my life.
 “yah! I’m normal. No worries. Chill!” saying so I asked them to move away.

Once everyone spaced from me, I saw the same soul that touched me. But this time it is nearing me. “Hey angel. Are you okay?”.

Fascinated I am. My breath was pumped out totally. My words cheated me. Whom to blame..ha ha..I was having no consciousness a moment ago and now if I badly want to speak, how can I.
Still, I want to. He lifted me by holding my hands gently. The touch was so caring like a mother who hold her child’s hand tenderly.
 “Yes I am” I said gaining the left over energy somewhere in my body.
“You look so weak. Come on have something.”
“No. I’ll be fine. No problem.”
“How can you be? I’ll order for you.What do you want?”
OMG! he is asking me what I want. It was actually it was his love I want. “Nothing”
“You won’t listen to my words. I’ll order by myself.”
I stopped him. “I’ll do that. Aadhira, get me some lime juice please.”I said though I like him taking order for me. That’s hat every girl like,her man taking effort to make her feel like princess. I was served with the U’Smile’s lime juice.

 Me taking the first sip, he said “so you are working here since?”.
“No I own this cafe actually. I didn’t want to sit ideally at home. so I’m being an employee here.”
“Oh! that’s good.” He really seemed to be impressed.
“So Miss.Owner, you are such a workaholic that you didn’t even have your breakfast?”he giggled a bit. Like a baby, for me.

 “No.It’s not because of it I guess.”
“Then?” He waited for an answer. But I wasn’t ready to tell him the real one.”Don’t know”with a blush I looked down. Where does this blush thing come to me? I’m not that type anyway.

“ha ha..okay..Miss.Angel” Oh! it was Owner and it’s Angel now.Cool.

“I think I can leave now.I have to. So..catch you later. Take care Angel”

He completed his sentence. But his eyes didn’t stop staying words. He left the place without taking away his heart from me, which he has given me now. Then came a guy with a worried look on his face. Sitting opposite to the third table, He asked me “Hi..1 cappuccino please.”

 I went and served him with that. I know he had a story behind. But by then, it was not the actual me who wanders in her own world. By then it was not me who has my own story to imagine.

All because it was love.

Writing so, she closed her diary…..


One thought on “SIP – 6

  1. She swiftly opened her eyes. She knew something was different that morning. she could feel it in her bones but still lying in her bed, she eyes slowly rolled her eyes round the room in search for that difference that been making her quite uncomfortable.

    In a snap, she got out of her bed, leaning out of her bedside window, trying to look at something, trying harder to look further behind. She quickly went down running out of the front door, hoping she would have a better view but then with much disappointment she went in inside. Thinking to herself that may be the missing aroma of freshly baked blueberry muffin is intended, and just may be he is trying to leave me a message. Just as always by making me feel, what he feels.

    She went back to her bed saying to herself, “yup he is missing me sharing my day with him”. (That oddness which one feels, when what they subconsciously love goes missing all of a sudden)


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