SIP – 5

The rays of sunshine tenderly touched the door of the cafe. The warmth it had spread was like of
the mother’s.Just the look of her turned the ambiance to a city life. She was dressed in a very formal way, with Jazzy Ben white shirt and a grey zovi cotton pants. Highly raised pony and perfect make-up displayed her as a bold and beautiful woman. Ordering for a hot chocolate,she was calling someone in her mobile. The time when she was served, a guy who can match her in all ways entered and sat in front of her. The angel couldn’t even guess what the scenario could be. Patiently the lady started the conversation.She handed over him a letter thing.”Oh!! cool. You got selected.Congrats!. I didn’t even think that the company’s standard has come this low.”saying so, he gave a sarcastic smile. “ now the company’s standard has gone low. Fine.”. They shared cold looks.


If it were the lady, it would be….it should be…

“Sana, Why is your selection always for third rated quality. You select anything only after checking the price tag?”

“Why Arjun doesn’t this look good on me?”

“That’s what I’m saying.”

She looked her dress again with a doubt. It was her favorite costume among her collection. Besides being hurte, she talked with an excited note.

“Hey, I forgot tell you this Arjun. You know na, the guy from my team- Simon. He proposed me yesterday da. It was so romantic. A card and a dairy milk chocolate with a teddy bear. A big
sized one.Wow!! But I said no.Because I have you with me.”

I’m very much proud to have him by my side. These kind of information are shared with him by me only to make him feel possessive on me. Whenever others ask me how could I manage with him with his dominating character, that doesn’t seem like a domination on me. I see him as an angel in my life.

“Why did you say no?. You could have said yes. I still wonder how can guys are admiring girls like you and proposing”

“Why can’t they? you are one such. Don’t forget it.”

“Yah. I do remember. That would be the mistake done by me.”

The talk like this was usual with arjun. So I didn’t consider it as a big deal. But that day, it was quite different.

“Mistake? oh!! mistake?? them why are you still staying? You can leave me. You have all the freedom.”

Even when I was saying this I didn’t loose my temper. But when he replied,”You are the one who is clinging to me. And why do you think your parents agreed to the marriage? It’s because I earn more and I’m holding a decent designation.If they marry you to me, they can stay happy that their daughter is settled well.”

The moment came where he pierced my family. I couldn’t control me.

“What? What was that? It’s not that in the whole world you are the one who is earning more.Even I’m getting a fair salary.”

“Yes. You are earning a fair salary. But why do you think you are retained in your company. And specifically, in your team?. It’s not because of your skill. It’s only because of your look. You are not sound in your technical knowledge.Are you thinking like that baby?”

When he said that with a mordant smile. I feel like showing him what does slap mean. As my family taught me what manners is, I didn’t do it.

“Enough is enough. Okay. So you say, I didn’t get my job for my skill and ability. It’s all because of looks right?”.

“Exactly. You are sharp dear.”

After a few moments of silence, just the waves showed its presence.


“Did you see the package?”

“Yes. It is 2 lakhs per month.”

“Nah.That’s not what I asked.It is more than yours. And I hope you know that the company doesn’t mind about the looks. Its completely because of my skill, my ability and finally my attitude.”

He was angry. It was obvious from color change of his face to red. Still he tried to be normal.

“Okay Sana. So what? I don’t value that difference. Does it for you? Anyhow we are going to get married and be in the same house.”

“ha ha!!!” with a vihasita(gentle laughter)she said,”And yes. The next news for you is I’m calling off my marriage. I want someone in my life who respects me, values my love and takes me as such and definitely it’s not you.Bye”.

She stood up with a proud and paced towards me. “Here dear. Have this hot chocolate as my treat to you. Today I proved who I actually am.”

There is a saying that ‘There is a life after love failure’. But here, she found a life only because of the love. When he was about to leave, instead of her, the cafe girl went to him and said “Thank you”.

                                                                                                         Writing so, she closed her diary.


One thought on “SIP – 5

  1. It was a cold and dark night. The ghostly roar of the freezing wind was everywhere. There was a noise, unclear but slowly it became louder and louder. It’s the sound of approaching footsteps and it stopped all of a sudden. The door creaked and with a “BANG” it slammed.
    The small eyes under the dark coloured scarf, turned towards the far side of the café where a dim light was flickering. Under the fading light was a gift. She was puzzled, she knew it’s not a day of celebration and she knew it was not there when she left. She filled with fear, dragged herself to the last corner table, as quietly as possible.
    Her small eyes spotted the white tag, under the ribbon. She pulled it out, she was started wondering looking at the muffin picture on the tag. She opened the gift carefully so as not to disturb what’s inside. Her face was filled with a big smile, as she looked inside the gift box. Her eyes sparkled. Everything slowly subsided, as her sad but most treasured memories took over her. Lost in memories, she pressed it against her chest. Angel turned the dim, flickering light off. *tuc*


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