SIP – 4

The blankets of white snow coated the sidewalks and was about to cover the porch of U’Smile. The angel was cleaning the pathway of her cafe when she noted a charming cute girl of 20 entering her cafe. Once she was done with her work and entered her heaven, she found the girl sitting without anything on her table. So the cafe girl approached her for getting the order.

“Hi mam! can I have the order please.” The blink rate was faster than normal. She seemed to be tensed. “Am waiting for a person. I’ll order later.” She took her mobile and typed something. Confused with what’s her situation the angel went back to her usual position behind the desk. Then came another girl a bit more cute than the first girl and had her seat. Just with the exchange of their looks it was seen that there was a cold war between them.
“Shruthi..” said the second girl but was  stopped by the loud words of the first girl
 “I should talk. Keep quite”. With some kind of guilty feel she sat silently. The first girl continued, controlling the hatred
“What did I tell you when I left for my studies?. I asked you to be a good friend for him. Does it mean to take him away from me?. How could you do this to me?.  If you really considered me as a good friend, you would have informed me the moment you felt it. But you didn’t. It’s not he who betrayed me. It’s you Sanju”.
Since there was no one there in the cafe and also because of their silence, even the ticking of the watch was heard.
If I were Sanju…it would be…it should be…
“I know what I’m saying is wrong and what I’m doing is the worst of all. Still I couldn’t hide it from my heart Sanju. You yourself know it, how much I loved Shruthi. But at present it is in past tense. The way you care, the way you speak, the way you see me is taking me closer to you than to her. Please try to understand sanju. I love you.”
“Just stop it Vishwa. It’s absurd. I talked to you in a friendly manner. I cared for because Shruthi asked me to. She trusts me. You can betray her. But I can’t.”The roses in the garden were so romantic but
this doesn’t suit the current situation. He has gone mad. Shruthi- She will do anything for him. She loved him and lived for him. What has made him to decide like this.
“I’m not betraying her. It was her. When I needed her she wasn’t there to wipe my tears, she was not there to hold me in her palms, she was not there to comfort me in her arms. You were there. You consoled me when I was sad, when I felt blue. She didn’t even had time to spend with me.”
“How dare could you blame her for not being with you. It’s you who asked her to pursue her dreams and said you will wait for her how long it can be. Only because of that she left. Even then with all her exams she came to meet you on your birthday. But you, you didn’t even wished her on hers. Such a cheapo you are. Now you are saying that you love me. Okay just answer this. Just the distance for few years can kill your first love, anything can make your second love to change. What guarantee can you give me on

He was of no words. How could he! I shouldn’t even stand at that place after listening to him this much.”Don’t ever get back to Shruthi again. I’ll talk to her. Please..You don’t worth her love. It’s a sin to break a true love. And am feeling sorry for her blindly loving you.”


“Shruthi please. Listen to me. You believe what  he said and suspecting me?”.

 “Only because of your proposal he is disturbed now. He want to stay away from me,thinking like a fool that it’s because of his fault you got feelings for him.I don’t want your friendship anymore Sanju. I lost him because of you.”

Ending her friendship in that table she left her. She felt the tearing of heart for the love she is missing and not even gave a thought of how much it will hurt when friendship breaks.

After a few moments of inner mourning, sanju came to the angel to pay the bill.

“shruthi didn’t realize it. Maybe one day she will understand the lose of this diamond and the real shade of that worthless metal and come back. Or might not.”

“Whatever happens I’ll not leave her. I can’t let my angel to get into the hands of the dark.” With all confidence Sanju bid bye to the cafe girl.

Not just love has feelings and pain. Even friendship does.
Writing so, she closed the diary.

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