SIP – 3

From checking the notifications in facebook, the opening of the door and the voice of a cute little lad made her to see the new entry. It was a young lady with her five year old(maybe) son. She got to know that kid’s name is Charan from his mom’s call.He was very eager to open the wrapped thing which the lady was holding. The exhilaration in his movement made the cafe girl to check what is in it. As an act of getting the order from them,she neared them. By then he opened up the parcel. It contained many photos taken in some hill station which was obvious from the background in that photos. There stood this lady, this kid and a man wearing a combat dress(An army man). Once I saw that, a sudden respect arose within her on that family. Getting the order, once she returned, she couldn’t stop herself from admiring that bold lady. After a few seconds of smile in her face, her eyes turned cloudy. Slowly tear drops patted her cheek.


If I were that lady,it would be…it should be…

“Keerthi. Don’t be so dull yaar. Cool. I have asked for early retirement na. Then what?..I’m going to be with you and our charan soon.Smile please. “It’s not that Raghu. Okay leave it. Here is your smile.Now okay na?” Though I smiled for his sake, it’s my thought about my birthday. Tomorrow, he didn’t even want to be with me on this day. Then I myself pampered my heart saying ‘I should be proud to be a soldier’s wife rather than having feelings like a usual wife’. With all these encouraging
words I heeded the Nitradevi. OMG! what’s this…it is just a candle light among the darkness. And there rose up my love’s face. He caressed my face and holding it, he hummed the favorite lines of mine  :
நிழல்  தரும்  இவள்  பார்வை 
வழி  எங்கும்  இனி  தேவை 
உயிரே  உயிரே  உயிர்  நீ  தான்  என்றால் 
உடனே  வருவாய்  உடல்  சாகும்  முன்னாள் “.[Song from movie “3”]
As the words reached my ears, the love I had for him took me to some other world, crossing the heaven. No words can explain this feel. When he sang the last line, I continued “அனல்  இன்றி  குளிர்  வீசும்  இது  எந்தன்  சிறை  வாசம் “.And we both sang the last line “இதில்  நீ  மட்டும்  வேண்டும்  பெண்ணே “.That moment..that moment is enough for me in my life. I lived to the fullest. ‘Thank you Almighty! I don’t know whose blessing had got me him as my life-partner.’
“Happy birthday keerthi!” He wished and waited for me to thank you. But I couldn’t speak even
a word. And I didn’t want to say it either. Charan switched on the light singing the birthday song and a gift which both of them has wrapped up with all love and care. It was a handmade photo-frame, inside it Raghu stood admiring me and the casual shot was taken in our trip in a ship.
After a silent talk, all of us slept. But me, there was some kind of unexplained feel in my heart and with that I tried to sleep.


“Aunty…what’s your name?” asked that little charan with his adorable smile.
With a smile, I asked”You want chocolates?”He nodded with a passion and after giving him some, she served coffee for the lady.
“Hi mam! here it is.” She didn’t feel like moving from there without conversing with the lady. “Mam. It’s really a proud to talk to a soldier’s wife. And please make sure that you come back here with your husband and kid once he returned from the border.”

A plain smile was the reply. “His soul is always with me. So there’s no need for you to wait till that. And if you want to see him then you have to wait forever.” saying so, she had her sip. She gasped her breath.

Tears of emotion pooled in my eyes, pain of separation stirred her heart. No one spoke a word; dead silence crept upon the place.

The soldiers, for them life is no wonder hard to survive.
With little love, care, compassion and hope they live it forever.

                                                                                              Writing this, she closed her diary. 


One thought on “SIP – 3

  1. When the first streak of morning Sun, hit the glass panes on the wooden café door. The door opened slowly, creaking, adding the tinge of beauty to the morning songs. A hand reached out, as the drizzles greeted her, it picked up the wet letter slowly and the hand went in as silently as the gentle breeze, who let themselves into the warm café, filled with the aroma of coffee. Breathing in, the scent of wet soil and the coffee, her mouth widened revealing a smile and it read.

    “Dear Angel,
    The last read of your dairy made me smile, like a baby. Your imagination made me dream, like a kid. Your words made me write, like a lad.

    Many thanks for sharing your dairy today with us.

    With Muffins and Smiles,
    your best friend

    PS: Also, would you please thank your creator from my part“


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