SIP – 2

The ding dong bell was striken and two faces-Mythili and Prathiv was seen. They were kind of regular visitors to U’Smile and kind of good friends to the Angel. Just a sight of them can make anyone envy their friendship. More than friendship anyone could find a intimacy between them. It is for sure that they can be the best couple ever, but they would not accept it anytime. They like each other though their character doesn’t go in the same track. Neither of them want their relationship to be broken by explicitly showing their inner feelings for the other. And now, What a surprise!..No words between them. In addition to the burden of their back-packs, something is bothering them. Involuntarily the angel’s legs reached their table.
“Hey dudes..Going somewhere?”
Just a glance and no reaction. I do wonder what breaking thing has happened between them. Since that was not the time to break the ice by her, she simply left the space for the buds.
But still she couldn’t keep her dreaming and assuming capacity with herself, she proceeded.

If I were Mythili,it would be…it should be…

“I told you right, we should have started earlier.”
“What can I do? It’s the traffic and not me. Why being a guy will I take time to get ready?”
I didn’t actually want to pick up a fight while leaving. But there’s no other way to make him talk. I know it’s tough to overcome the fact that we are departing in our own ways. It was he who supported me in accepting the bitter truth. But what happened to him now? Why is he not uttering a word?.

It was like a dull day with no wind. Once getting into the train, With a quick look he asked me, “Want a water bottle?”.
“No.” because I don’t want to lose these few moments.When he was about to get up from his seat, “உன்கிட்ட கொஞ்சம் பேசணும் . உக்காரு “.
He sat there. Tears rushed from my heart and I was blocking them at the brim of my eyes.

‘I don’t know actually how to put it in words, my feelings for you. The depth of how much care I want to take on you is like a mother feel for her child. The way you tease me is like the way a brother teases his sister. The way you spend time with me , is the way two friends spend time with each other. By all way, you have been my everything. But at times when I express my love to you, like the shore that pushes away the approaching waves you side stepped me. Its you who said that everyone will leave someday and not to get attached with anyone emotionally. And it’s you who made it a default statement in my mind. But now I can’t hold back that statement in my heart though my mind agrees it. And here is the voice of my heart Prathiv. I love you.’

The train announced its departure with the sound that made him to raise from his seat. “ஏதோ பேசணும்னு சொன்ன..ஆனா ஒண்ணுமே சொல்லல…”.
The words couldn’t step out of my mouth. Those words kept reverberating just inside my head. Oh God please help me to just shout those words. Why are you making me weak?.
The train started moving. He got down from the train. My mind was saying, “If you leave this moment, you can’t get it back. Say it..say it…just say it…”.
And he said it..”Bye Myti”, with all the tears and love in his eyes he also said “I will miss you”.


It was myti’s voice “Oye! We asked for a cappuccino.”
The cafe girl placed the cups on the table. When Myti emptied the cup without speaking any word and took the tissue to wipe out the foam from her lips, she found it.. the words… “I’ll miss you”. Without controlling her heart anymore she poured out to him. “Why couldn’t you just say it. Don’t even have the guts to open your heart to me? to your myti?.. Okay then let it be me.. “I want you in my life as my love.That’s it.”
Saying so she read his eye which was already filled with tears, but this time it is because of some satisfaction. “Yes I will be there as you need…Love you myti..I do love you..”.
Mythili cried out of happiness, an uncontrollable excitement, emotion, elation. Finally, the untold love has been said. After a  fifteen minutes of sharing their feel Prathiv asked her,”What made you to tell this now?”.
“It’s you who made me tell it. See”, she showed him the tissue with the words. “Oh! What’s this?”he asked.
“Oiii…don’t act as if you don’t know. You are the one who wrote it write.”
“Noway I don’t even have a pen.”
Confused was the pair and the Angel went near them with the bill. “I think I have a pen here” said the cafe girl with a victorious smile in her face.

And that’s what love is. It must be said.
                             Writing so, she closed her diary.


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