SIP – 1

All the giggles and chit-chats which are possessions of a usual college girl was gone. Alone and serene was she while entering the cafe. Megha, cuteness in her face seemed to be disappeared a few minutes ago. Must be a sight that might lowed her. Ordering the latte and letting the tear drops spoiling her rosy cheek, she took many deep breaths. The action did explain the reason for her blue feel. When a girl talks a lot she is hurted (which can be taken care of) but when she keeps quiet she is betrayed (which can’t be altered).


If I were Megha…. the scenario would be…should be…(the dream starts)

“‘Am gona gift him this ring and ask him whether he will marry me?’. Why should I wait till he asks me? Someone has to take the relationship to the next stage, let that be me”.This is what kept reverberating in her mind when she walks to him in the park.
“Hey Megha! how long will you make me wait here?”said Sidharth with a kind of control in his voice.
Am gona break the ice….Feel relaxed..He is your sidhu..pampering her heart beat, she kept walking towards him.
“Come on yaar…jaldhi…I have some other work too..what’s the matter?”.
Yeah here I come. Once I uttered the words he will be taken back and jump in madness.
“Hi sidhu!”
“Hmmm…சொல்லு  என்ன  விஷயம் ? [What’s that you called me?]
எப்போ  வந்த ?[When did you reach here?]
வந்து  காலம்  ஆகுது …சரி  சொல்லு  என்ன  விஷயம் ?[It’s been years. Come on what’s that?]
இதுக்கப்பறம்   நீ  freeya?[Are you free today?]
Mmmm…free தான் ..ஏன்  வேற  எங்கயும்  போகனுமா ?[Yah! You want to go somewhere?]
இல்ல  இல்ல  சும்மா  தான்  கேட்டேன் ..[Nopes! just asked]
சரி  சொல்லு  ஏதோ  முக்யமான  விஷயம்னு   சொன்ன ..கல்யாணம்  fix ஆகிடுச்சா ?
[Fine. You wana say something important right? Is it that you got engaged?]
chi chi..இல்ல ..[No]
ha ha…அப்பறம் ?[Then?]
நான்  முடிவு  பண்ணிட்டேன்  யார  கல்யாணம்  பண்ணனும்னு ..[It is that I decided whom I’m gona marry]
ohh…யார ?[Who’s that?]
உன்னக்கு  நல்லாவே  தெரியும்  அவன .
[You know him quite well]
எனக்கா …யாரு ?? யார  சொல்ற ?[I know him!..Who’s that?]
அது ….[he is]
சொல்லு  Megha[Say it Megha]
சரி …..jeeva, உன்  friend.[Okay..It’s your friend Jeeva.]
happa...நீ  என்ன சொல்லிடுவியோன்னு  நெனச்சேன் ..நல்ல  வேல ..[Oh..Thank God.I was afraid that you would mention my name.]
நானும்  உங்கிட்ட  ஒன்னு  சொல்லணும்  megs. உன்  friend shalini பத்தி  பேசணும்னு இருந்தேன் . [Even I got something to tell you. It’s about your friend Shalini]
அவல  பத்தி  என்ன ?[What’s it about her?]
இல்ல  am interested on her.Please help பண்ணு  d.[Actually am interested on her..Please help me in that yaar]
The letter from her hand fell and touched the ground with the ring. The ring, that could only match with his finger.
Without speaking any other word she left the place. This time her pace was faster than when she came.
He held the letter and it said,
“Dear Sidharth,
              I thought I would directly say my love. But how many times have you teased me?, How many times have you fought with me?. Thats why I decided to give you a shock first and then reveal my love. From the day when I realised your care for me,I started losing myself into you. And now I’m completely empty. That’s why am here to ask you to give me yourself. So……


With no words remaining, he stood there motionless. Glancing the ring and the letter that his dear friend has left him behind, smile peeped from his lips.


“Excuse me! how much?” said another customer which took her back to her sense.
“Ohhh! sorry mam..It’s 210.”
Holding the Take away thing to the lady, she walked towards Megha.
Not sure about what Megha was facing, she said “Everything will be alright. You’ll surely get if it’s destined for you.”and  threw a smile at her.
With a confused look, Megha kept staring at her.
Like a lightening from the sky,he entered into the cafe.
Surprised was she and Megha. He, Sidhu  stepped towards her and said,”Can’t you wait and get my present? you irresponsible idiot.”
The next moment Megha was having a letter that said the exact words of hers, but in his version.
“Yes Megha! I have fallen for you long back. It is destined.”Saying so he took her hand. Slowly sliding the diamond ring into her finger, he asked those heavenly words,
There was complete silence in the cafe. All eyes on them, even the snow outside lowered its speed of fall and was waiting for her words.
As words may stumble she decided to shake her head and say her acceptance through her eye, her tears…YES.

Yes…I know if you are destined for anything you will get it. How hard it may be, how far it may be.

Still Megha couldn’t understand how the cafe girl said those words suitable for her situation. They left the cafe with a unknown feel..undecipherable feel..

Ha ha…yes,I too don’t know how the situation in my dream matched hers.

                                                                                              Writing so she closed her diary….


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