The wind never stopped its drive. With the trees and the hard roads covering with the caramel creamy snow, the icy climate retained in the 6th street of the beautiful city. Every time the door of the cafe “U-SMILE” gets opened the chime of the bell, hanging above it, shows its presence. Like a dreamy child who looks upon fantasy world, she makes her own lifestyle a world with happiness. Simple but elegant is she, the cafe girl. With not brown-long-curly but not black-short-straight, not less than 5.4 and not more than 5.7, fair and fifty Kg. Spreading her smile throughout the customers, she impress them with her service. With the sugar cubes served to them, they enjoy the candied words of her.She’s not a beauty to all, for those who pour out and gets a shoulder from her to lie on will surely name her “The Angel”, as she is one such. She was as happy as a three year old on Christmas morning welcoming everyone.She has this peculiar habit of imagining herself as the character whom she sees in her cafe and developing her own situation of that person as a day-dreamer. Her diary-the only companion she could rely on gets her focus every other night. She imprints her words about the day’s story that she created. These are the flips of those pages…

Ready to take a sip?


2 thoughts on “Prologue

  1. but do shape it on as a love story kinda- u r best at stories of tht genre..
    especially that coffe-beach(fav spot)-the mistaken guy-story u told is my all time fav..
    sorry i keep forgetting its name..


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