SIP – 5

The rays of sunshine tenderly touched the door of the cafe. The warmth it had spread was like of
the mother’s.Just the look of her turned the ambiance to a city life. She was dressed in a very formal way, with Jazzy Ben white shirt and a grey zovi cotton pants. Highly raised pony and perfect make-up displayed her as a bold and beautiful woman. Ordering for a hot chocolate,she was calling someone in her mobile. The time when she was served, a guy who can match her in all ways entered and sat in front of her. The angel couldn’t even guess what the scenario could be. Patiently the lady started the conversation.She handed over him a letter thing.”Oh!! cool. You got selected.Congrats!. I didn’t even think that the company’s standard has come this low.”saying so, he gave a sarcastic smile. “ now the company’s standard has gone low. Fine.”. They shared cold looks.


If it were the lady, it would be….it should be…

“Sana, Why is your selection always for third rated quality. You select anything only after checking the price tag?”

“Why Arjun doesn’t this look good on me?”

“That’s what I’m saying.”

She looked her dress again with a doubt. It was her favorite costume among her collection. Besides being hurte, she talked with an excited note.

“Hey, I forgot tell you this Arjun. You know na, the guy from my team- Simon. He proposed me yesterday da. It was so romantic. A card and a dairy milk chocolate with a teddy bear. A big
sized one.Wow!! But I said no.Because I have you with me.”

I’m very much proud to have him by my side. These kind of information are shared with him by me only to make him feel possessive on me. Whenever others ask me how could I manage with him with his dominating character, that doesn’t seem like a domination on me. I see him as an angel in my life.

“Why did you say no?. You could have said yes. I still wonder how can guys are admiring girls like you and proposing”

“Why can’t they? you are one such. Don’t forget it.”

“Yah. I do remember. That would be the mistake done by me.”

The talk like this was usual with arjun. So I didn’t consider it as a big deal. But that day, it was quite different.

“Mistake? oh!! mistake?? them why are you still staying? You can leave me. You have all the freedom.”

Even when I was saying this I didn’t loose my temper. But when he replied,”You are the one who is clinging to me. And why do you think your parents agreed to the marriage? It’s because I earn more and I’m holding a decent designation.If they marry you to me, they can stay happy that their daughter is settled well.”

The moment came where he pierced my family. I couldn’t control me.

“What? What was that? It’s not that in the whole world you are the one who is earning more.Even I’m getting a fair salary.”

“Yes. You are earning a fair salary. But why do you think you are retained in your company. And specifically, in your team?. It’s not because of your skill. It’s only because of your look. You are not sound in your technical knowledge.Are you thinking like that baby?”

When he said that with a mordant smile. I feel like showing him what does slap mean. As my family taught me what manners is, I didn’t do it.

“Enough is enough. Okay. So you say, I didn’t get my job for my skill and ability. It’s all because of looks right?”.

“Exactly. You are sharp dear.”

After a few moments of silence, just the waves showed its presence.


“Did you see the package?”

“Yes. It is 2 lakhs per month.”

“Nah.That’s not what I asked.It is more than yours. And I hope you know that the company doesn’t mind about the looks. Its completely because of my skill, my ability and finally my attitude.”

He was angry. It was obvious from color change of his face to red. Still he tried to be normal.

“Okay Sana. So what? I don’t value that difference. Does it for you? Anyhow we are going to get married and be in the same house.”

“ha ha!!!” with a vihasita(gentle laughter)she said,”And yes. The next news for you is I’m calling off my marriage. I want someone in my life who respects me, values my love and takes me as such and definitely it’s not you.Bye”.

She stood up with a proud and paced towards me. “Here dear. Have this hot chocolate as my treat to you. Today I proved who I actually am.”

There is a saying that ‘There is a life after love failure’. But here, she found a life only because of the love. When he was about to leave, instead of her, the cafe girl went to him and said “Thank you”.

                                                                                                         Writing so, she closed her diary.


SIP – 4

The blankets of white snow coated the sidewalks and was about to cover the porch of U’Smile. The angel was cleaning the pathway of her cafe when she noted a charming cute girl of 20 entering her cafe. Once she was done with her work and entered her heaven, she found the girl sitting without anything on her table. So the cafe girl approached her for getting the order.

“Hi mam! can I have the order please.” The blink rate was faster than normal. She seemed to be tensed. “Am waiting for a person. I’ll order later.” She took her mobile and typed something. Confused with what’s her situation the angel went back to her usual position behind the desk. Then came another girl a bit more cute than the first girl and had her seat. Just with the exchange of their looks it was seen that there was a cold war between them.
“Shruthi..” said the second girl but was  stopped by the loud words of the first girl
 “I should talk. Keep quite”. With some kind of guilty feel she sat silently. The first girl continued, controlling the hatred
“What did I tell you when I left for my studies?. I asked you to be a good friend for him. Does it mean to take him away from me?. How could you do this to me?.  If you really considered me as a good friend, you would have informed me the moment you felt it. But you didn’t. It’s not he who betrayed me. It’s you Sanju”.
Since there was no one there in the cafe and also because of their silence, even the ticking of the watch was heard.
If I were Sanju…it would be…it should be…
“I know what I’m saying is wrong and what I’m doing is the worst of all. Still I couldn’t hide it from my heart Sanju. You yourself know it, how much I loved Shruthi. But at present it is in past tense. The way you care, the way you speak, the way you see me is taking me closer to you than to her. Please try to understand sanju. I love you.”
“Just stop it Vishwa. It’s absurd. I talked to you in a friendly manner. I cared for because Shruthi asked me to. She trusts me. You can betray her. But I can’t.”The roses in the garden were so romantic but
this doesn’t suit the current situation. He has gone mad. Shruthi- She will do anything for him. She loved him and lived for him. What has made him to decide like this.
“I’m not betraying her. It was her. When I needed her she wasn’t there to wipe my tears, she was not there to hold me in her palms, she was not there to comfort me in her arms. You were there. You consoled me when I was sad, when I felt blue. She didn’t even had time to spend with me.”
“How dare could you blame her for not being with you. It’s you who asked her to pursue her dreams and said you will wait for her how long it can be. Only because of that she left. Even then with all her exams she came to meet you on your birthday. But you, you didn’t even wished her on hers. Such a cheapo you are. Now you are saying that you love me. Okay just answer this. Just the distance for few years can kill your first love, anything can make your second love to change. What guarantee can you give me on

He was of no words. How could he! I shouldn’t even stand at that place after listening to him this much.”Don’t ever get back to Shruthi again. I’ll talk to her. Please..You don’t worth her love. It’s a sin to break a true love. And am feeling sorry for her blindly loving you.”


“Shruthi please. Listen to me. You believe what  he said and suspecting me?”.

 “Only because of your proposal he is disturbed now. He want to stay away from me,thinking like a fool that it’s because of his fault you got feelings for him.I don’t want your friendship anymore Sanju. I lost him because of you.”

Ending her friendship in that table she left her. She felt the tearing of heart for the love she is missing and not even gave a thought of how much it will hurt when friendship breaks.

After a few moments of inner mourning, sanju came to the angel to pay the bill.

“shruthi didn’t realize it. Maybe one day she will understand the lose of this diamond and the real shade of that worthless metal and come back. Or might not.”

“Whatever happens I’ll not leave her. I can’t let my angel to get into the hands of the dark.” With all confidence Sanju bid bye to the cafe girl.

Not just love has feelings and pain. Even friendship does.
Writing so, she closed the diary.

SIP – 3

From checking the notifications in facebook, the opening of the door and the voice of a cute little lad made her to see the new entry. It was a young lady with her five year old(maybe) son. She got to know that kid’s name is Charan from his mom’s call.He was very eager to open the wrapped thing which the lady was holding. The exhilaration in his movement made the cafe girl to check what is in it. As an act of getting the order from them,she neared them. By then he opened up the parcel. It contained many photos taken in some hill station which was obvious from the background in that photos. There stood this lady, this kid and a man wearing a combat dress(An army man). Once I saw that, a sudden respect arose within her on that family. Getting the order, once she returned, she couldn’t stop herself from admiring that bold lady. After a few seconds of smile in her face, her eyes turned cloudy. Slowly tear drops patted her cheek.


If I were that lady,it would be…it should be…

“Keerthi. Don’t be so dull yaar. Cool. I have asked for early retirement na. Then what?..I’m going to be with you and our charan soon.Smile please. “It’s not that Raghu. Okay leave it. Here is your smile.Now okay na?” Though I smiled for his sake, it’s my thought about my birthday. Tomorrow, he didn’t even want to be with me on this day. Then I myself pampered my heart saying ‘I should be proud to be a soldier’s wife rather than having feelings like a usual wife’. With all these encouraging
words I heeded the Nitradevi. OMG! what’s this…it is just a candle light among the darkness. And there rose up my love’s face. He caressed my face and holding it, he hummed the favorite lines of mine  :
நிழல்  தரும்  இவள்  பார்வை 
வழி  எங்கும்  இனி  தேவை 
உயிரே  உயிரே  உயிர்  நீ  தான்  என்றால் 
உடனே  வருவாய்  உடல்  சாகும்  முன்னாள் “.[Song from movie “3”]
As the words reached my ears, the love I had for him took me to some other world, crossing the heaven. No words can explain this feel. When he sang the last line, I continued “அனல்  இன்றி  குளிர்  வீசும்  இது  எந்தன்  சிறை  வாசம் “.And we both sang the last line “இதில்  நீ  மட்டும்  வேண்டும்  பெண்ணே “.That moment..that moment is enough for me in my life. I lived to the fullest. ‘Thank you Almighty! I don’t know whose blessing had got me him as my life-partner.’
“Happy birthday keerthi!” He wished and waited for me to thank you. But I couldn’t speak even
a word. And I didn’t want to say it either. Charan switched on the light singing the birthday song and a gift which both of them has wrapped up with all love and care. It was a handmade photo-frame, inside it Raghu stood admiring me and the casual shot was taken in our trip in a ship.
After a silent talk, all of us slept. But me, there was some kind of unexplained feel in my heart and with that I tried to sleep.


“Aunty…what’s your name?” asked that little charan with his adorable smile.
With a smile, I asked”You want chocolates?”He nodded with a passion and after giving him some, she served coffee for the lady.
“Hi mam! here it is.” She didn’t feel like moving from there without conversing with the lady. “Mam. It’s really a proud to talk to a soldier’s wife. And please make sure that you come back here with your husband and kid once he returned from the border.”

A plain smile was the reply. “His soul is always with me. So there’s no need for you to wait till that. And if you want to see him then you have to wait forever.” saying so, she had her sip. She gasped her breath.

Tears of emotion pooled in my eyes, pain of separation stirred her heart. No one spoke a word; dead silence crept upon the place.

The soldiers, for them life is no wonder hard to survive.
With little love, care, compassion and hope they live it forever.

                                                                                              Writing this, she closed her diary. 

SIP – 2

The ding dong bell was striken and two faces-Mythili and Prathiv was seen. They were kind of regular visitors to U’Smile and kind of good friends to the Angel. Just a sight of them can make anyone envy their friendship. More than friendship anyone could find a intimacy between them. It is for sure that they can be the best couple ever, but they would not accept it anytime. They like each other though their character doesn’t go in the same track. Neither of them want their relationship to be broken by explicitly showing their inner feelings for the other. And now, What a surprise!..No words between them. In addition to the burden of their back-packs, something is bothering them. Involuntarily the angel’s legs reached their table.
“Hey dudes..Going somewhere?”
Just a glance and no reaction. I do wonder what breaking thing has happened between them. Since that was not the time to break the ice by her, she simply left the space for the buds.
But still she couldn’t keep her dreaming and assuming capacity with herself, she proceeded.

If I were Mythili,it would be…it should be…

“I told you right, we should have started earlier.”
“What can I do? It’s the traffic and not me. Why being a guy will I take time to get ready?”
I didn’t actually want to pick up a fight while leaving. But there’s no other way to make him talk. I know it’s tough to overcome the fact that we are departing in our own ways. It was he who supported me in accepting the bitter truth. But what happened to him now? Why is he not uttering a word?.

It was like a dull day with no wind. Once getting into the train, With a quick look he asked me, “Want a water bottle?”.
“No.” because I don’t want to lose these few moments.When he was about to get up from his seat, “உன்கிட்ட கொஞ்சம் பேசணும் . உக்காரு “.
He sat there. Tears rushed from my heart and I was blocking them at the brim of my eyes.

‘I don’t know actually how to put it in words, my feelings for you. The depth of how much care I want to take on you is like a mother feel for her child. The way you tease me is like the way a brother teases his sister. The way you spend time with me , is the way two friends spend time with each other. By all way, you have been my everything. But at times when I express my love to you, like the shore that pushes away the approaching waves you side stepped me. Its you who said that everyone will leave someday and not to get attached with anyone emotionally. And it’s you who made it a default statement in my mind. But now I can’t hold back that statement in my heart though my mind agrees it. And here is the voice of my heart Prathiv. I love you.’

The train announced its departure with the sound that made him to raise from his seat. “ஏதோ பேசணும்னு சொன்ன..ஆனா ஒண்ணுமே சொல்லல…”.
The words couldn’t step out of my mouth. Those words kept reverberating just inside my head. Oh God please help me to just shout those words. Why are you making me weak?.
The train started moving. He got down from the train. My mind was saying, “If you leave this moment, you can’t get it back. Say it..say it…just say it…”.
And he said it..”Bye Myti”, with all the tears and love in his eyes he also said “I will miss you”.


It was myti’s voice “Oye! We asked for a cappuccino.”
The cafe girl placed the cups on the table. When Myti emptied the cup without speaking any word and took the tissue to wipe out the foam from her lips, she found it.. the words… “I’ll miss you”. Without controlling her heart anymore she poured out to him. “Why couldn’t you just say it. Don’t even have the guts to open your heart to me? to your myti?.. Okay then let it be me.. “I want you in my life as my love.That’s it.”
Saying so she read his eye which was already filled with tears, but this time it is because of some satisfaction. “Yes I will be there as you need…Love you myti..I do love you..”.
Mythili cried out of happiness, an uncontrollable excitement, emotion, elation. Finally, the untold love has been said. After a  fifteen minutes of sharing their feel Prathiv asked her,”What made you to tell this now?”.
“It’s you who made me tell it. See”, she showed him the tissue with the words. “Oh! What’s this?”he asked.
“Oiii…don’t act as if you don’t know. You are the one who wrote it write.”
“Noway I don’t even have a pen.”
Confused was the pair and the Angel went near them with the bill. “I think I have a pen here” said the cafe girl with a victorious smile in her face.

And that’s what love is. It must be said.
                             Writing so, she closed her diary.

SIP – 1

All the giggles and chit-chats which are possessions of a usual college girl was gone. Alone and serene was she while entering the cafe. Megha, cuteness in her face seemed to be disappeared a few minutes ago. Must be a sight that might lowed her. Ordering the latte and letting the tear drops spoiling her rosy cheek, she took many deep breaths. The action did explain the reason for her blue feel. When a girl talks a lot she is hurted (which can be taken care of) but when she keeps quiet she is betrayed (which can’t be altered).


If I were Megha…. the scenario would be…should be…(the dream starts)

“‘Am gona gift him this ring and ask him whether he will marry me?’. Why should I wait till he asks me? Someone has to take the relationship to the next stage, let that be me”.This is what kept reverberating in her mind when she walks to him in the park.
“Hey Megha! how long will you make me wait here?”said Sidharth with a kind of control in his voice.
Am gona break the ice….Feel relaxed..He is your sidhu..pampering her heart beat, she kept walking towards him.
“Come on yaar…jaldhi…I have some other work too..what’s the matter?”.
Yeah here I come. Once I uttered the words he will be taken back and jump in madness.
“Hi sidhu!”
“Hmmm…சொல்லு  என்ன  விஷயம் ? [What’s that you called me?]
எப்போ  வந்த ?[When did you reach here?]
வந்து  காலம்  ஆகுது …சரி  சொல்லு  என்ன  விஷயம் ?[It’s been years. Come on what’s that?]
இதுக்கப்பறம்   நீ  freeya?[Are you free today?]
Mmmm…free தான் ..ஏன்  வேற  எங்கயும்  போகனுமா ?[Yah! You want to go somewhere?]
இல்ல  இல்ல  சும்மா  தான்  கேட்டேன் ..[Nopes! just asked]
சரி  சொல்லு  ஏதோ  முக்யமான  விஷயம்னு   சொன்ன ..கல்யாணம்  fix ஆகிடுச்சா ?
[Fine. You wana say something important right? Is it that you got engaged?]
chi chi..இல்ல ..[No]
ha ha…அப்பறம் ?[Then?]
நான்  முடிவு  பண்ணிட்டேன்  யார  கல்யாணம்  பண்ணனும்னு ..[It is that I decided whom I’m gona marry]
ohh…யார ?[Who’s that?]
உன்னக்கு  நல்லாவே  தெரியும்  அவன .
[You know him quite well]
எனக்கா …யாரு ?? யார  சொல்ற ?[I know him!..Who’s that?]
அது ….[he is]
சொல்லு  Megha[Say it Megha]
சரி …..jeeva, உன்  friend.[Okay..It’s your friend Jeeva.]
happa...நீ  என்ன சொல்லிடுவியோன்னு  நெனச்சேன் ..நல்ல  வேல ..[Oh..Thank God.I was afraid that you would mention my name.]
நானும்  உங்கிட்ட  ஒன்னு  சொல்லணும்  megs. உன்  friend shalini பத்தி  பேசணும்னு இருந்தேன் . [Even I got something to tell you. It’s about your friend Shalini]
அவல  பத்தி  என்ன ?[What’s it about her?]
இல்ல  am interested on her.Please help பண்ணு  d.[Actually am interested on her..Please help me in that yaar]
The letter from her hand fell and touched the ground with the ring. The ring, that could only match with his finger.
Without speaking any other word she left the place. This time her pace was faster than when she came.
He held the letter and it said,
“Dear Sidharth,
              I thought I would directly say my love. But how many times have you teased me?, How many times have you fought with me?. Thats why I decided to give you a shock first and then reveal my love. From the day when I realised your care for me,I started losing myself into you. And now I’m completely empty. That’s why am here to ask you to give me yourself. So……


With no words remaining, he stood there motionless. Glancing the ring and the letter that his dear friend has left him behind, smile peeped from his lips.


“Excuse me! how much?” said another customer which took her back to her sense.
“Ohhh! sorry mam..It’s 210.”
Holding the Take away thing to the lady, she walked towards Megha.
Not sure about what Megha was facing, she said “Everything will be alright. You’ll surely get if it’s destined for you.”and  threw a smile at her.
With a confused look, Megha kept staring at her.
Like a lightening from the sky,he entered into the cafe.
Surprised was she and Megha. He, Sidhu  stepped towards her and said,”Can’t you wait and get my present? you irresponsible idiot.”
The next moment Megha was having a letter that said the exact words of hers, but in his version.
“Yes Megha! I have fallen for you long back. It is destined.”Saying so he took her hand. Slowly sliding the diamond ring into her finger, he asked those heavenly words,
There was complete silence in the cafe. All eyes on them, even the snow outside lowered its speed of fall and was waiting for her words.
As words may stumble she decided to shake her head and say her acceptance through her eye, her tears…YES.

Yes…I know if you are destined for anything you will get it. How hard it may be, how far it may be.

Still Megha couldn’t understand how the cafe girl said those words suitable for her situation. They left the cafe with a unknown feel..undecipherable feel..

Ha ha…yes,I too don’t know how the situation in my dream matched hers.

                                                                                              Writing so she closed her diary….


The wind never stopped its drive. With the trees and the hard roads covering with the caramel creamy snow, the icy climate retained in the 6th street of the beautiful city. Every time the door of the cafe “U-SMILE” gets opened the chime of the bell, hanging above it, shows its presence. Like a dreamy child who looks upon fantasy world, she makes her own lifestyle a world with happiness. Simple but elegant is she, the cafe girl. With not brown-long-curly but not black-short-straight, not less than 5.4 and not more than 5.7, fair and fifty Kg. Spreading her smile throughout the customers, she impress them with her service. With the sugar cubes served to them, they enjoy the candied words of her.She’s not a beauty to all, for those who pour out and gets a shoulder from her to lie on will surely name her “The Angel”, as she is one such. She was as happy as a three year old on Christmas morning welcoming everyone.She has this peculiar habit of imagining herself as the character whom she sees in her cafe and developing her own situation of that person as a day-dreamer. Her diary-the only companion she could rely on gets her focus every other night. She imprints her words about the day’s story that she created. These are the flips of those pages…

Ready to take a sip?

Hi Friends,

Neither romantic nor commercial flavor does it have. 

     Rather analyzing the add-ons,

          Just have a sip and get mesmerized in its taste!